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a mouse that got in to flour in a pantry

How To Effectively Keep Rodents Out Of My Torrington, CT Restaurant


Rodents like the Norway rat, black rat, and house mouse have lived with humans so long that they cannot live without us. Originally from Asia, they have traveled the world with ships and explorers and are now on every continent but Antarctica. Controlling them is an ongoing challenge for everyone in Torrington but especially for restaurants.... Read More

flea on skin

Why Are There Fleas In My New Haven County Home?


Every pet owner wants to protect their furry friends from fleas, but many don’t realize the problems that these blood-sucking pests can cause at home. From annoying itchy bites to dangerous diseases, a  flea infestation can be a nightmare. But once you learn how fleas are getting into your New Haven County home, you can protect your property from these parasitic pests.... Read More

bed bug crawling on skin

Why You Should Call The Pros About Bed Bugs In New Haven County


Bed bugs are some of the most notorious pests worldwide, thanks to their quick breeding cycles, hiding capabilities, and the skill required to fully remove the entire infestation for good. Because of this, it’s critical homeowners stay vigilant as well as educated against bed bugs to ensure fast action at the very first sign of an infestation.  Here at Rescue 1 Pest & Termite Control, we want homeowners assured their pro... Read More

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