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a common house spider crawling on a wall

Getting Rid Of House Spiders In Your New Haven County Home


New Haven County strikes a perfect balance of new and old. Unfortunately, the common house spider is an arachnid that would like to cohabitate with you in this coastal oasis. It doesn’t need much room, but if it can’t get the food it needs, it can leave sticky messes all over your house.... Read More

up close image of a black widow spider in a web near leaves

Are The Spiders In Torrington, CT Dangerous?


All spiders make venom and bite. However, the only three species that are dangerous in Torrington are the northern black widow spider (Latrodectus variolus), the southern black widow spider (Latrodectus mactans), and the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa). ... Read More

a carpenter ant crawling on a connecticut deck

Why Ants Invade Torrington Homes


Here in Connecticut, our hard winters help keep some nasty ant species – like fire ants – down south. However, we still have a quite few species in our area that can invade our homes and businesses. Most ants in Connecticut are just a nuisance, though there is one ant type that can wreak a lot more havoc than just swiping some food from your kitchen counter.... Read More

termites chewing on a wooden structure

How To Spot Termite Problems On Your Torrington Property


This may be troubling to read, but the visual absence of pests around your Torrington property is not a guarantee. Many creepy crawlers are capable of penetrating your home or business without being detected. Wreckage may be the only indication of an invasion. This happens often with termites.... Read More


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